Why Recycle?
When Waste Lube Oil is expelled into the environment, it can result in serious consequences. Some of these are :
  1. Poisoning of Water and Aquatic Life. Addition of elements like heavy metals, and some carcinogenic elements which may be consumed by humans, directly or indirectly.
  2. Contamination of fresh water resources such as rivers and lake. Thus affecting crops, cattle and other biological resources.
  3. Deterioration in the aesthetic qualities of nature.
  4. In some severe cases in developed countries, contamination may lead to floods or drought like conditions.
  5. Tourism industries will be negatively affected due to deterioration of landscapes.
  6. Increase in the lube oil accumulation directly and indirectly affects the foreign exchange reserves, by increasing expenditures on import of expensive lubricants.
The modern age comes with the responsibilities of making the most of the available resources. The best possible method is by recycling material. Some reasons to recycle include :
  1. Re-refining could be seen as one of the preferred methods for disposal of used oil. It has the beneficial effect of reducing the consumption of virgin oils.
  2. Recycling may be done by reducing the waste content and by recovering valuable lube form the used oil, which is bought and re-used, and this minimal waste is less expensive to handle. The waste is less than 20% of what is produced, and remaining 80% can be re-cycled in the main stream.
  3. The burning of these used oil are the biggest threat to our environment, as these pollutants are realised in the atmosphere after combustion, and ash form the combustion. Burning of this valuable waste is indirect cost to the economy of that country.
  4. This industry of re-cycling also generates employment and allows distribution of wealth down the various sector, and directly to the society to the people involved.
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