Technology and Equipments

Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) Technology :
In Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) Technology, in addition to iron ore, the other raw material is natural gas. Algeria is blessed with lot of natural gas. DRI route is more suitable for steel plant capacities of upto 2 million tones and for value added carbon or alloy steel grades. Also in DRI route, number of production equipment is less compared to the BF route and hence investment is also less. DRI route creates less pollution compared to the BF route. DRI route is amenable to ‘modular’ – execution because popular size smaller modules are available, whereas in BF route only one module for total capacity has to be installed. This point is well brought-out in the flow sheets below.

The DRI Route

Keeping the above factors in mind, DRI route is selected for the proposed project for manufacture of 0.8 million tonne of rails & medium to heavy structurals and 0.2 million tonne of alloy & special steels.

Because of the availability of natural gas in abundant quantities and at competitive prices, our steel plant is being setup through the DRI route. Algerian Government had also advised EDS to follow the DRI route. Government advice matches with the technological process of ED Steel.

For achieving the defined individual production shop capacities and handling of the required raw materials & supplies, consultants have selected the latest state of the art technologies and equipment. Globally known Danieli, SMS, Primetals, Midrex and Tenova have been kind enough to support us in selection of proper equipment.

ED Steel has decided that depending on the availability of raw materials, the project shall be implemented in two phases i.e.;

Phase I - Production of DRI from imported pellets and charged hot to EAF’s
Phase II - Production of pellets from concentrate from captive iron ore mines & beneficiation plant.

Phase-I Operational Scenario :
DRI shall be manufactured in-house with imported pellets. For this case, pellets shall be received at the port and transported to the plant site in trucks.

Annual quantity of pellets required : 1,960,000 tons per annum - say 2.0 million tons per annum

Phase-II Operational Scenario :
When mines are available, mining, beneficiation & pelletization plants shall be added as backward integration. These plants are proposed to be setup near the mine

Proposed Raw Material Handling System
More information coming up soon
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